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Public Relations Services

Since its inception FOEM has composed and sent press release texts and material to the media, helping many artists and publishers to get exposure. Many of our promotional press releases have made it to the front pages of the targeted websites, and the same material has often had excellent placement in print media as well. We have close relationships in the field, currently comprising over 400 international record labels and around 480 selected media contacts throughout the world.

If you want to promote and spread the news of any music related material, whether it is press releases, news or even the sending of demos to record labels, FOEM is here to help.

The placement is ultimately always at the discretion of the websites or publishers themselves. The more interesting and engaging the basic content of the material is, the more chance it will end up with a good placement. FOEM is here to help you with this as well.

What we can do for you:
- Design and writing of press releases and label application texts
- Transfer of press releases to editors of music related media and record labels
- Translation of the press release texts into other languages

Where we can send the press releases:
- To record labels
- To music related websites
- To music related print magazines
- To music related blogs
- To music related internet communities

You can choose if you only want to cover a single country or if you want to send it to all of our international contacts. You can also use our services for sending already prepared material, but FOEM reserves the right to review it (and with your approval) make any necessary corrections. We also reserve the right to reject any text or material that does not fall within the parameters and scope of our offered services.

How to proceed:
- We take your input about what you want to achieve with your press release
- Therefore, we send you a form which asks for the information we need
- An interview will be done with you to take quotes from
- Then our specialists write the press release text
- You then review the text for comment and approval (2 correction cycles)
- We normally include with our promotional material high quality, high resolution pictures
  (300 dpi). We review these materials as well.
- Also we link to your promotional stuff (music, videos, interviews etc.)
- You choose where to send the press release
- We send it out

If you want to address print magazines, please make sure that they get the PR text about six weeks before it should be in stores.

How you benefit from it:
- You get professionally written press release texts.
- You can use our large international media network.
- Also great for sending demos to record labels.

Price: € 700 + 19% VAT
This is a standard price.
Additional service prices on request.

Examples of press releases we did in the past (right click and save to download):

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4

Public relations is often an underestimated form of communication, and often treated as an afterthought, when in actuality it is one of the most important aspects of promotion in the music field. When PR texts and material are not professionally executed, they will end up being buried or tossed out altogether. With FOEM's highly professional services, this will never be a problem. We are experts in this field.

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