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What you have:
You have your own produced music.
Or you have a label and you are promoting your releases.

What you want:
You want to reach a large audience for the music and get free promotion.

What we offer:
We offer the chance to get your release on our CD series called "FOEM/Eclectic Youth".

How you benefit from it:
- You get introduced to a large international crowd of music lovers.
- You get promotion (mags, websites, blogs, forums, newsletters, PR).
- You get a link on the CD cover as well as on our website to your website.
- You can use the release on FOEM/Eclectic Youth as a reference.

How also other labels benefit from it:
You can see the released track as a promotrack for your netlabel or commercial label.
We also accept music which already has been released on another label.
Many artists have done this before and profit from this regularly.
The backlink means some extra promotion through networking for your netlabel.
Also the backlink improves your Google PageRank™ and search engine ranking.

Rules for submitting tracks:
Your upload must be a 320 kbps constant bitrate (cbr) mp3 file.
The complete rights on the track belong to you. (E.g. no use of stolen samples a.s.o.).

How many tracks can you upload?:
Talented single artists can upload 2 to 4 of their best tracks.
Labels can upload 2 to 4 tracks of each producer or band.

Take care:
If any legal problems occur (e.g. stolen samples), FOEM has to pass the user account of the member who uploaded the track to the real owners of the copyrighted material. So be careful that you don´t cause any problems with stolen material from other artists and companies.

How the process works:
Amongst the uploaded tracks, we pick out the best and compile FOEM/Eclectic Youth CD sets. There are thousands of uploads for each CD set, so it's quite a competition to get on the release. You have a chance, if you are talented. We focus on progressive, experimental music, good sound, uniqueness, fresh ideas in music, intelligence, nice grooves and melodies. You are talented and you know your onions. It takes several months until the FOEM A&R crew has made a selection, because we listen to each single track very carefully. 

Absolute premium artists will be asked to do a FOEM/Crèma EP.
Absolute premium artists will get offered a non-exclusive license deal so their tracks get offered for well paid commercial use in advertising.

Why we do all this?:
Because networking is just better than the lone wolf method.

You can upload your own produced music to the FOEM server via our forum.

To go directly to the upload, you need to click here: FOEM forum upload

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