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Alygos - Artist of the Week
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Real name  : Jean-Paul
: Alygos
: Rayko, The Aztecs
Year of birth
: 1989
: Male
: No
: Dutch
: Pijnacker, The Netherlands

: Incolumis, Hardmoon, Cadatta, Shockerbrown, Daft Punk, Chicane, Coldplay, Faithless, St. Germain, The Prodigy, Groove Armada, Kane, Movie soundtracks

Work / School
: Work (Local mailman) & School (Theatre Technician)
Gigs (Club, City)
: None
Netlabel Releases
: Xalbum (Various Artists, Tracks T.B.A.) – Xal Records
Vinyl Label Releases

Alygos - Global Backside of the Sun,
The Aztecs - Philosophy,
Hemispheres (Chillout Double CD, Various Artists),
Producer since
: 2002
Favourite FOEM/EY track
: Cybernetika – Desert Secret

Artist tracks apeared on FOEM/EY Vol. Nr.
: Electronic Youth Vol. 10 Disc 1: Incolumis – One With Sanctuary (Alygos’ Second Remix)



FOEM/CJ Renegade: Hey Alygos!, congratulations with winning the first Electronic Battleground Tournament championship on FOEM! So, where does your artistname come from? Is there any secret behind it?

Alygos: Hey CJ! Thanks. Well, one day I decided I needed an artist name, because I had been producing for some months and I still didn’t have a name. So I was just thinking, and I came up with the name ‘Alygos’. I have no idea what it means, or what it means anything at all, I just thought it has a nice ring to it.

FOEM/CJ Renegade: What’s your musical history? With what kind of music did you grow up?

Alygos: I need to thank my dad for knowing the artists I like and know now. I’ve grown up with music being played all day and night in the living room. Untill the moment I got in touch with Reason, this was the only musical thing about me: just listening. After producing with Reason for three years I finally decided to take keyboard lessons (which I’m still busy with).

FOEM/CJ Renegade: You have to tell your dad what kind of great job you did man! How did you come to producing with Reason? And how long are you in this now?

Alygos: At first I didn’t have any interest at all in producing music or playing an instrument. Somehow it got me one time. A friend of mine had some program called Reason 2.0. Whatever that was, he said I might wanted to check it out as his place. So I went, and when I saw it, I wanted it. He showed me some demo tracks and I could hardly believe that those were made with some software program, simply because I had no idea how things worked in the producing world. I wanted to try out things myself, and somehow I got addicted to it. Three years past now since that moment. In the meantime I got Reason 3.0 myself, still working with it.

FOEM/CJ Renegade: And you are also a DJ?
Alygos: No. One day I do hope to become one, though it’s hard to think when that should be.

FOEM/CJ Renegade: I understand.There are already lots of DJ’s, so it’s difficult to be remarked as DJ. But do you also make LivePA´s?
Alygos: No.

FOEM/CJ Renegade: And you work together with other artists also? Like remixes or so?

Alygos: Yes, I work together with Fahad Saleh (Massive / Mind’s Eye). We’ve made five tracks now under the alias ‘The Aztecs’. One of them was released on CD in Greece and Cyprus. I’ve known Fahad for almost two years now, and I’m very grateful for that. He teached me a lot about all kinds of things related to producing. If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t have been reading this interview right now.

FOEM/CJ Renegade: Cool! I hope an Aztec track will come out! Very curious about that! Is this the only area of music which youre working in? Or do you also play in a band or something?

Alygos: Producing is my only occupation at the moment. Currently I’m learning to play a keyboard, mainly for improving my producing skills, and more easily creating melodies. But surely the idea has come up to me to maybe play in a band someday. Also planning to learn to play a guitar after I’m done with the keyboard. Time will tell :-).

FOEM/CJ Renegade: What have you read or seen that moved or surprised you?

Alygos: Mostly movies get my attention. Because of its multi-purpose; image, music and feeling. Some parts are pretty inspiring to me. Lately I’ve seen the movie ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’. I really liked the music there, very deep and nice to listen to. When I got home I directly ordered the soundtrack.

Foem/CJ Renegade: On wich communities are you active?

Alygos: Not that many, boards aren’t really my interest. I just post my music on them from time to time, to get advice or I review some tracks myself, but I don’t really use them for anything else. I’m member of FOEM, Clubcharts (Dutch), CTGMusic, Dance-Industries and Trance Addict.

FOEM/CJ Renegade: A various number of communities if you’re asking me! What brought  you to come to FOEM?

Alygos: Well, I’ve checked some of the Electronic Youth CD’s, but at that time those CD’s were my only interest. Later on Jerzy from Xalrecords told me and some other members of Xal about the new FOEM forum! From that moment I paid more attention to FOEM, looking out for events, and waiting a little for the forum to grow.

FOEM/CJ Renegade: What do you like about FOEM?

Alygos: So far everything. What I like most is that FOEM is still growing, it now even starts to organize it’s own events! Another thing that comforts me are the members. No annoying persons, talking around how things should work and what kind of things you shouldn’t say, do, make or listen to. That’s very important. There is a lot of freedom here because all music styles are accepted and paid attention to.

FOEM/CJ Renegade: Exactly! That’s how I look to this too! Freedom are one of the best qualities of a good community. How do you see actually the future of FOEM?

Alygos: More contents, more members, more fun. The first few events have worked well, it got the people’s attention (or at least mine), and I’m sure that it will only get better.

FOEM/CJ Renegade: Well, I hope so, that’s why we’re doing it, heh, that’s our aim. What are your musical aims?

Alygos: I don’t really have any. I’ll just keep on producing, hoping to enjoy other souls with my music and hopefully I’ll get some more releases in the future, reaching a bigger audience. Money is not my interest. I just want to improve and keep exploring in music as much as possible.

FOEM/CJ Renegade: Do you want to make producing as your job?

Alygos: If I get the opportunity, yes! Producing is my biggest interest, though money isn’t my first priority, but it would surely be a nice bonus :-)!

FOEM/CJ Renegade: When you sent your last promo to a label, what was their reaction? Which label was it?

Alygos: Well I think I’ll tell the whole story here. When I first came into contact with the owner of Prominence Recordings, that was because of my track ‘Global Backside of the Sun’. He wanted to release it on Hemispheres. So that became a deal. Later on he listened to more of my tracks, and he decided to propose an album. From that moment I’ve sent multiple demo’s to him. Sadly, it seemed he had lost his interest after the third demo. Probably because the album didn’t tell a story. It actually wasn’t made for telling a story in the first place. I had no idea what tracks should have been on it and in what order. Also my tracks weren’t as good as my new ones are now. I’ve created a lot more songs since sending the demo’s and I’ve improved a lot. So I’m planning to make a couple more demo’s, and send them to some other labels. Hopefully with more succes…

FOEM/CJ Renegade: What do you think of the contemporary popular music which is played by normal radio stations?

Alygos: Most music is kind of cheesy and commercial. Not really inspiring to me. Though there are some nice tracks between them. But not many really get my attention. 

FOEM/CJ Renegade: Haha, I bet the world would look different when they hear an Alygos-track on the radio!  What do you think about the uprising of netlabels and the conflict between them and the commercial music industry?

Alygos: The commercial music industry shouldn’t really bother the netlabels. Mainly because the netlabels are way to small to compete the commercial music industry. Netlabels have a far smaller audience and are mostly ment to give the growing artists more publicity on the net which they diserve. Then the commercial music industry can more easily pick out the right artists for vinyl or CD releases. Also, it’s the artist’s choice to sign to a netlabel or some bigger vinyl/CD releasing label.

FOEM/CJ Renegade: What's one thing you're a fan of that people might not expect?

Alygos: Chillout music. Simply because there aren’t many people of my age that like the style. I’ve been composing chillout and lounge music since I was thirteen. At that time none of my classmates or other friends liked the style, none ever wanted to pay attention to it. Even the owner of Prominence Recordings thought I was a guy of 35 because of my tracks. It’s just the age people don’t expect :-).

FOEM/CJ Renegade:True, but on the other hand it’s really a plus to start young with producing. I bet you got a really quick start on the other producers who starts just later with producing lounge and chillout. Also being a musician or a DJ can be tough and frustrating and many musicians and DJs 'burn out' after a number of years. Are you also afraid to lose interest in music? How do you plan to sustain your efforts over the coming years and avoid that 'burn out'?

Alygos: Keep exploring, don’t continouisly stick to the same music style. Try something else too. I’ve been exploring in several styles myself; Lounge, Ethnic, Progressive, Breakbeat, Experimental and so on. So far I’ve never had something what looked or seemed to be something like a musical ‘burnout’. I like to keep it that way by keeping evolving myself. 

CJ Renegade: Have good luck with your releases, and have much fun in your life! FOEM supports you as much as possible!!

Alygos: Thank you!


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